Locked Yoke

After recently landing a Socata TBM-930 at Curacao Airport (TNCC), the yoke locked itself in the maximum left position, causing significant control issues while taxiing – I had to use heavy rudder input to counteract the yoke, which was making the plane steer sharply to the left. I tilted my iPad to the right and calibrated it afterwards, but to no effect. How can I fix this problem?


Are you using an external yoke or used one in the past?

I am using the iPad’s built-in gyroscope.

Possibly make sure you have calibrated correctly, and disable auto-coordination

Ok do me a favor.

Do the following:

Go to this page in your settings and select restore to default. Could be possible that your yaw or roll have been locked or tampered with.

Then use your iPad like your flying the plane and see if it’s getting an correct input.

I have navigated to that settings page, which was already identical to the one shown, except the throttle bar was half full. I restored to defaults, which did not change anything on the screen. I tilted the device in all directions and it responded as it should have.

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Ok try a flight as see if it fixed your problem. If indicating the correct it should be correct in the simulator.

Ok, thanks for your help.

Did it work?

Typically, when the accelerometer gets stuck, a device restart is needed.

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