Locked out of discord

Hello, I am part of many VAs and I use discord as main way to communicate as you know, all VAs use discord. I ran into an issue where I have 2fa on my discord and I can’t back it up (I can’t get a backup code nor use the authentication app) meaning I need to make a new discord, What could I do as I genuinely have no idea, is there anything else I can do? Will I lose all my progress with all the VAs I’m in?

Device: IPad Mini 6
Operating system: Latest OS

Hi @Cpt.Ace,

It is unfortunate that you have lost access to your Discord account. To get back in the VAs, I suggest you send a message to the community, and they will share the server link.

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Sorry I don’t quite understand? Do you mean separately message all Vas and ask for server link? And make a new discord ?

Yes, that is the only option which seems feasible.

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Okay thanks for the help! Can be closed

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