Locked Free Cam Views


The Idea

Locked Free Cam Views™ would allow air traffic controllers to lock multiple free cams in multiple places. For example, you could have free cam one next to a hold short line, free cam two could be overlooking a busy terminal, and you could position free cam three to be monitoring an active taxiway that you might want to keep an eye on.

I was thinking three locked free cams would be a good number; manageable, easy to keep track of. This way, you could have one main, unlocked free cam (the one we have now), and the three locked positions that I’m proposing.


Have you ever had your free cam at one end of the airport you’re controlling only to realize you need to bring it to a ramp where a few different aircraft are requesting pushback at the same time? If you’re like me, you’ve probably wished you could be in two places at once. But what? That’s impossible you say? Not if you have locked free cam views it isn’t! With locked free cam views, you can quickly switch over from your hold short line to a taxiway. You can oversee the departure of aircraft and a possible taxiway conflict practically at the same time.

With locked free cam views, everything would become more efficient. It would help ground management, speed up departures, and overall improve your air traffic controlling experience.

How would it work?

To set:
Step 1: Move free cam one to your desired view.
Step 2: That’s it! Locked Free Cam Views will stay at the last place you leave them!
Step 3: Repeat step one for free cams two and three.

To move to a new position:
Step 1: Select the free cam you would like to move.
Step 2: Move it!
Step 3: Repeat steps one and two if you would like to move your other free cams.

Compatible Feature Requests

Bird’s-eye ATC View could work hand in hand with locked free cam views.
Customizable ATC Views could enhance and organize the ATC experience even more.
Realistic Controller Changes could allow for more time to lock your free cams before controlling.

mock-up credits: @Alec

Super cool idea! Has my vote ✔️


It’s like security cameras.


This is super cool! This would make for so many cool Infinite Flight movie angles. I’ll consider clearing a vote.

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Wow, hello Misha.

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When you get Misha’s vote, you know it’s good 😉


Yes I agree, or any other Infinite Flight devloper.

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Great idea. Very well thought out. Voted

Does this mean I agree with Misha? Not quite sure if thats a good thing or not.


Bro that’s so genius and I rarely do ATC. ATC will worship you for this one


When you get noticed by two mods, you know you’ve done something right.


You’ve got my vote. It can be time consuming having to check if an aircraft is correctly holding short when you have other traffic to help out. This would save a lot of valuable time and is a great idea.


You know when your controlling, or flying and want to get a great view to be AFK or leave on in the background? And you know when you accidentally click on the camera view button, or click on it thinking you’ll go back to that view in a few moments, then whack your forehead realising you have to manually get that view over again?..

Well… yuh.

I freed up a vote. 😊 Now my votes are fully checked and locked in position.

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Could it also be modified to include aircraft views instead of just being ground based? Otherwise, +1 vote from me too.


This is an absolutely incredible idea, after all, it’s Misha Approved ™️. Certainly have my vote!


This is so smart! This + Locked/Following Free Camera = would make the camera system so much better!

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I have wanted this when I control al ot, got my vote!

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Yes! Has my vote.

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Great feature, my vote has been added:)

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Would you be able to use it for an airplane and when it moves it would follow the plane?

I believe this feature covers that already. While I totally support this somehow being implemented while flying too, my feature mainly covers ATC.