Locked/Following Free Camera

Along with the new update came an exciting new camera! Now, the only thing I would like added to it is an option to lock the camera (like with the normal camera). So what would happen is you can choose a view in the free camera, lock it and then fly about still seeing that same view of the aircraft.


Can’t you “lock it” by not moving it?


We have locked normal camera mode which follows the plane.


Seriously? How do I do that?

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What I meant was while the aircraft is flying. When you position it while flying it doesn’t actually keep up with the aircraft. The aircraft just zooms by it and flies into the distance so you can’t see it anymore.


It’s just above the normal camera.
Whenever you turn it will stay at the same angle.


But still with the free camera. The normal camera can’t go everywhere.


Yea I guess.


It would be a nice little sub-option under the free camera tab


I know what you mean, and this would be epic. You could fly from wingtip, co-pilot seat, window view (717), etc.


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This would be nice.


Double tap on the screen and it should lock on the plane in free mode. The camera will stay in the same spot but zoom and pan with the plane

What I mean is an option so that the camera flies along with the plane. Play around with the Normal Locked camera to see what I mean.

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Free Cam Locked Mode:

Before you get too excited, it’s a set angle and you can only zoom in and out like I’ve shown 😏 Just double tap the centre of the screen

That’s not locked, as in moving alongside the aircraft. You’re watching the aircraft fly away.

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No it’s locked.

I know it’s locked, but I’m not meaning that sort of locked. If you have a look at the Normal > Locked camera, it is different. I want an option for the Free Camera to have it Locked, as in you can position the camera to anywhere you want around your aircraft and as the aircraft moves it will move with the aircraft.

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I know mate. That’s why I said don’t get excited. I have found many awesome camera positions with the drone I wish I could lock and fly that way. I think it would be a great little addition.

But that’s not really what I’m talking about. Yours stays in a set position and set angle, while I’d like it to fly alongside the aircraft in a position you’ve set it to.