Locked Cockpit View

If this is a duplicate, I apologize

If your like me, you have unsteady hands… You misclick stuff and end up messing up the original cockpit view

So having a locked cockpit view can fix that. It would be the same as the cockpit view but you can’t move the screen

Might be confusing, not a good explaner


You do know you can always reset the cockpit view by double-tapping the screen right?


Never knew that…

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Not a bad idea, if your on final and your hand moves across the screen it can be quite a distraction, even if you only lose sight of the airport for a second even with the ability to reset the camera.

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I would find this nice for a different reason though, I don’t stick on the default double tap view I like mine zoomed in more so if I mess up I have to get it to a similar view just saying

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