Locked cockpit view

We have a locked exterior front view, which is awesome. I’m wondering if we could get a locked cockpit view as well.

I’m on a short final, go to reduce power and instead I drag the view to the floor lol.

Also, I love the APPR feature, however, if you accidentally press that button during flight when you’re not set up for it, be prepared for your aircraft to either pitch way up, way down and/or bank right/left. I received a couple of violations after accidentally hitting that button and it sent my aircraft into a nose dive were it gained so much speed, I couldn’t slow it down in time and received a speed violation. Would be cool if that button didn’t even work until within range of the localizer, and not more that 1000ft of the glide slope and not more than 30deg of the ILS. That would prevent that button from ruining a flight, especially as we near global and people could be in the air for hours.

Same thing with engage/disengage of autopilot features. I’ve been trying to adjust my altitude, and I’ve accidentally double tapped causing it to disengage, and quickly re engage at current altitude. This also sends the aircraft into crazy pitches. This same scenario also goes for the VS button.

I’m wondering if the developers could add the actual autopilot buttons so the aircraft would know that I’m trying to make adjustments, not disengage and re engage.

I love this sim, and I love the the developers have created a platform for us to vocalize things that we feel could enhance our experience!

Hey! Looks like this is a duplicate :(

Great idea though!


I’ll close the other, this one has more substance :)


Sounds Good :) I agree


I totally should have titled it better. My apologies

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Really hope this gains more traction, I only ever use the cockpit view during cruise because of the very issue the OP mentioned in the first post. Would love to fly in the flight deck view more often but there’s just to much risk for me.
You got my vote!


You don’t know how many times this has happened to me… I think we just might need this feature 😏


-tries to use reverse thrust
-proceeds to look if pedals are working

This have happened to me many times, or if you have crosswinds and you try to point the plane ahead with the rudder you might look out of the window with no intentions due to the simlple fact that there is less than half centimeter between moving the camera and using the rudder… I would love to have this added. As the devs made with the “Normal” camera (normal/locked) we could have a “Cockpit View” locked, also we have locked and unlocked HUD (“HUD” & “Cockpit #2”) so I think adding this new camera should not be a problem.


I really support this. I almost crashed a few days ago after I went to lower power and started staring at the floor. Also with the APPR feature I don’t really know since I manually land


Yeah, this is 3 months old but sorry I think we really need this. Wasn’t this (or removing HUD portion but not buttons) available in previous builds or am I thinking of something else?

I really like using the cockpit/flightdeck view when flying but when using the throttle, I’m always either looking up or straight down