Lock the cockpit display screen at least on takeoff

There are far two many times when the fancy cockpit display screen moves on takeoff or on final right before landing and you have almost no time to readjust it, so consequently you either crash, or get a taxi or some other violation…that never should have happened…hopefully by the next update a new algorithm or subroutine will remedy that problem


@Recxx - whilst in cockpit view, double tapping the screen anywhere that isn’t a control button will quickly recentre the camera view and reset the zoom.

I’ve always wanted a zoom lock for this feature personally.


I would like a zoom lock as well. Matthieu had one, but unfortunately somebody talked him out of implementing it. I do hope he will reconsider, I know there are lot of people who would want it. :)

I am usually the one talking him out of feature creep but can’t recall we had that discussion. @matt ?


Oh we did, I thought it was awesome :smile: and the feature creep flag was waved so I took it out…

Double tap once would reset the position to center, leaving zoom untouched, then double tapping once more would reset the zoom.


Oh yes I remember that one. Having different behavior for the same input depending on when you double tap seems very confusing to me.
A potential good question here is why the need to zoom? Should we change the default zoom level so it is comfortable for the most common case?

I can be convinced though.

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Because you want to look at a plane, look at some plane that’s landing to see if they have vacated the runway, etc…

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I am just afraid that changing such behavior will confuse a lot of ppl. I am not opposed to have a zoom lock, but we should probably consider a different input pattern for it (2 finger double tap for example).


I find the zoom to far back. I fly with airport names off, so I need to be able to get a visual on the runway. I am usually zoomed in far enough that the top to the instrument dash board is visible along the bottom of my screen. I could post a screenshot if needed.

I normally do a full zoom when I am about 10 to 12 miles out to see the runway, and go to the half zoom at about the 5 mile mark to see both the runway and the PAPI lights when not on an ILS. Also just feels better. Generally the only time I am in HUD view is for crosswind landings, and that is only because I can’t centre and lock the zoom.

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I’d use it whilst landing personally too.

Remember you guys are playing on a PC and iPad air, whearas those of us with smaller screens, it seems, use it to see the runway for alignment whilst beyond 5nm.
I tend to zoom in approaching multiple runway airports that im not familiar with too.

I always envisioned the zoom lock being an additional button that only appeared in cockpit cam, say at the top right.
If button is activated, the normal double tap would only recentre the camera.
If button is not activated, the normal double tap would perform the function it does now, recentre and reset zoom.

This way no function change.


Ooo exciting new idea…
Leave cockpit mode as is, but add a zoom function to HUD cam. Pinch to zoom, with a double tap reset same as cockpit cam, but no pan.

Only reason I fly in cockpit mode is because of the zoom, and on approach I don’t want pan, so adding a zoom to the HUD cam would give us the feature wanted without changing the behaviour of cockpit cam.


I also agree with a lock zoom mode in Cockpit View. I like the idea of the button to manipulate the zoom/center feature. OFF would only control centerline when double tapping, and ON would control as it does right now, zoom and center.

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I don’t zoom at all really. I have my camera in the reset position and I just got used to it. Up to about 2 weeks ago I’ve never landed in cockpit view, and despite of me not flying so much lately, I’d have to say I’m pretty good at it. Only time I zoom is when I need to see a close-up of the runway. Then I zoom all the way in

When you’re pushing 40yrs old and with 30odd years of staring at computer screens, and you can’t afford anything bigger than a phone to play on due to your family costing you a small fortune - trust me you’ll need a zoom.☺

I’m liking the idea of a zoom in HUD cam, over cockpit Cam the more I think about it today.


i never knew you could double tap to recenter! this will save me a lot of rough landings as i use zoom to line up on final.

I will add this update to my own original reply…even when you are using the cockpit view and you are on final… for example into KSAN or KPSP at less than a quarter mile from the runway …and you have the slightest wifi lag…and the cockpit view moves… you are toast if you only drop 50 ft. considering the angle of approach …so the sooner a cockpit locking algorithm is installed…the lesser the chance that Murphy’s Law will drop by for a visit at the most inopportune time !!!

I just flipped my 172 shortly after landing due mostly in part to reaching for my rudder button, fractionally missing, which caused my cockpit view to abruptly pivot to the left at the exact moment my wheels touched down. Somehow I narrowly avoided a speeding violation and an acrobatic maneuver to boot. I have several hundred hours logged, and from my personal experiences this doesn’t happen often, but it seems that flying smaller aircraft coupled with crosswinds or adverse conditions make for a higher probability of missing a control button due mostly to the inability to sight the button needed, relying on nothing more than muscle memory and peripheral vision. I would gladly support a feature where there was a way to either lock the cockpit screen or offer variable sizes of buttons for maximum control during those not so friendly landings or take offs.


You can use the HUD view which is the first camera option the list, that way the zooming and pivoting functions which are present in COCKPIT-2 aren’t available to mess up your flight.

P.S. this is the lesson I learnt when I nose-dived and crashed on the runway threshold when on short final with maybe around 4 planes holding short who probably were watching me land.

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