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Been flying for 6 hours from KSFO-Sydney (Qantas B747), I left my phone for Friday praying. When I came back, my plane was overspeed & autopilot turned off. Got 5 violations, downgraded to 3…it’s hijacked by my boy. If there’s a lock screen for IF, I can avoid this case…

Unfortunately there is no lock feature for Infinite Flight. Although this can be frustrating and disappointing, I suggest for every flight you do to have your device in an area that is safe from any potential threat to the flight. :)


It would be very helpful if available…

I found a very old but the only “lock screen” feature request I found which you can vote for below.

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I’m sorry but I can imagine that happening and now can’t stop laughing 😂

Can’t blame you if you laugh at me…

I have a Samsung S9 and there is a lock feature option in game tools that automatically turns on as the flight is in progress, but this is only for Samsung… I guess you don’t have one though or you do?. But just pointing that out.


Let’s just say samsung in general as my phone which is an s8 also has this feature

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I mentioned it here… (At first I was just being specific)

Yup, Samsung has it but I’m using Xiaomi… unfortunately not

Even if a “lock screen” was implemented, it would still be possible for someone to press the home button and cause your flight to stop. I do not believe a 3rd party app can have authority over the whole device (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). The best solution, by far, is to prevent this from happening in the first place. Have your device on a tall shelf, or in a locked room if you have to. The developers have a lot more pressing issues to focus on.

3rd party is not a good idea, can cause disconnected from the server.

If you have a Samsung device there should be a tab that comes up (on your home button pop up bar or in your notifications panel) open it then press “screen touch lock”. (This wont remove you from your flight.)

Then to deactivate it you swipe the lock icon that is on your screen.

I suggest that as it help prevent touch your screen where you not going to touch any harmful buttons!

Did someone touch your device? This doesn’t usually happen mid flight.

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I’m saying that Infinite Flight (which is a third party app) cannot modify the function of a device. As I understand it, the only reason Samsung devices can lock their touch function is because Samsung themselves implemented the feature.

This falls under the little brother clause. In all seriousness though, it was your choice to leave your device unattended. You wouldn’t leave your front door open and be surprised that someone stole from it. While I do believe your case, it might be difficult to get this reversed.


No I don’t have it…

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