Lock cockpit camera

Hello, this post is to add an option to be able to lock the camera in the cockpit, since every time I double press the screen it returns to its normal position and it bothers me to have to adjust it every time I press the screen by mistake. This is because with the camera in its normal position it is difficult to see the screens and more if you have the rendering quality in low, I hope and it can be added soon. :)

Normal position

How i use the camera

I think this might be solved with the new locked camera coming in 20.2. I might be wrong tho


I hope, but maybe if we double click the camera, will go back to its original position :(

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I would recommend trying not to touch the screen twice? I find this fine to be honest, but I would appreciate more opinions.

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This is a great idea, it can be just another view option on the slidebar in the cockpit to see straight ahead like in HUD view.

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they could make it a option in the settings how you want they camera to act ect.


That would be awesome

I believe there is also locked cameras on the inside, so Iā€™m not sure this will truly be needed as it is already kinda coming with 20.2.