Lock Camera View (User Preferred)


I like setting the view to my preferred position before pushback & taxi. Very nice to be able to keep it like that forever. And also, I kinda annoyed with myself when I mistapped the screen twice repeatedly makes the view goes back to the default which I need to reset it again to my preference. A double tap lock options should be perfect.



As I recall there is a “lock” outside view when you select the normal outside view scroll up once and It should lock the view.


Hope it helps!


Thats not even close. You see the problem with double tapping is not just occurs only on the outside view but also when you are on the cockpit view. Try it. Zoom a bit out. And double tap it. And its back to default. And you need to set it zooming it out again.


Was wondering if it would be possible to add a button where we can lock the screen zoom while in cockpit view? Alot of members on IFFG myself included zoom in a bit, so we can see out the windscreen from a more accurate point of view as if actually sitting in the left seat.More realistic imho. Hopefully one of the guys like Matt or Phillipe see this and take it under consideration.There are quite a few people talking about it over at IFFG on Facebook.


I have been requesting this since last October and it is still a feature I would really appreciate getting. Being able to lock my zoom, would also mean I can remain in cockpit view for heavy crosswind landings instead of having to switch to full HUD view.


A zoom lock for cockpit view is something I’ve asked for also, previously.

Or… a simpler method (copying Ipacs), is to have double tap just recentre the view.
Zooming is completely manual.


Maybe if enough people request it Matt or Phillipe may add it. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement I would think. Then again I’m no computer wiz, so I may be wrong on that count.