Lock camera view entirely (as to not mess up the view at touchdown and blow the landing)

I find myself occasionally going to engage the reverse thrusters after a heavy crosswind approach/ turbulent approach where I have a lot going on with my hands. When I go to engage the thrusters or move the rudder I accidentally hit the screen and look down into the seat which messes up the landing. I saw a similar topic for locking zoom but nothing to lock it entirely in place. I imagine it should be relatively easy to code in and would be a great added bonus. *This is while in cockpit view.

This is a cool idea but someone has made a topic already. Please search before posting. :)


Oh my gosh its not just me I hate when this happen I always end up rolling off to the right or the left and it is annoying. Nice feature request


Thanks! Didn’t see this one. I’m sure a mod will close this thread out. Had searched but somehow missed it.

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Right! Just had it happen in Hawaii. Not often but alway annoying haha

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