Lock Aircraft tag on approach

The tag that’s displayed on an aircraft under approach control, contains among other things, the current altitude, target altitude, and the service including runway. If the pilot requests a change of alt or runway, that tag changes to reflect what the pilot asked for. I would like to see that logic changed so that the runway and altitude don’t change unless approved by approach! I get a lot of pilots asking for altitude changes far lower than aircraft behind them, resulting in ground speed variations that cause problems, so I deny those requests. Unfortunately, the tag still reflects what the pilot asked for, which is misleading the next I look at that aircraft. Similar situation for runway.


your misunderstanding as an app controller we see on our data tag an aircrafts alt,intended alt,and runway etc.When the pilot requests something stupid and we deny it the data tag changes to the stupid thing they requested even though we denied it.So if a pilot requests 15K feet when we told them to descend to 10K it shows on there data tag as 15K intended if im not mistaken correct me if im wrong @GHamsz


You got it

Let’s expand this to include handoff to tower… heres what I mean by that… assume approach clears an aircraft for the ILS approach to runway 25L. When that aircraft calls into tower, he can currently request landing on runway 25R! I suggest we change the logic to prevent that. Once approach clears an aircraft on say 25L, the only option available to him when he calls into tower should be 25L.


Definitely need this. Currently the only way to get the tag to stay on the altitude I want it at as the approach controller is by re-instructing the aircraft to that altitude. It also doesn’t make sense to show the altitude the pilot would like instead of the assigned altitude. Same goes for the runway assignment