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Hi all again, I was practicing ATC on training servers. The pilots say e.g. “ ABC123 is 12 NM to the west if fairoaks…” it is at EGLL. So how do i know where fairoaks is? The map just states airports.


Fairoaks is an airport located south of Heathrow. His ICAO is EGTF and is mostly used for General Aviation. I link the information and AvGeek data



So all locations stated by the pilot are always airports and not just a random landmark or building. Like it has to be an airport.

Try to pay no attention to that and just look on the radar to see where they are

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Yes, that’s correct


Airports like heathrow with a map full of GOS waypoints and aircraft are impossible to see which is blinking orange

Yeah, for what I know are airports or big Navaids such as VOR’s

Edit: Usually VOR’s are near a city/airport

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Thank you for tgat

You can always hide the way points and VORs to declutter your map if you need to.


@Navalkid_69 MaxSez: After all is said and done!
A Competent Controller must be familiar with the geography of the area in which he is responsible for. Terrain features, airports, metro areas etc.
Before you take the seat Area Orientation & Geo knowledge is key.

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The reason pilots state their location is for radar contact using position correlation IRL. In IF you’ll see them flashing. You don’t need to know where their correlation is just find them flashing.

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How to hide

Tap on the little gear on the low right part of the screen


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