Location on profile disappeared

I think the title is self-explainatory, but I can’t seem to find the location to put on the profile anymore

Here is a screenshot from another Discourse forum I’m a member of

If you do click on my profile, and in anyone’s, you won’t find it here…

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Oh, mines still here.

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um weird…

Very sus, maybe the impostor might’ve stole your location, and vented with it, did you try restarting the amazing forum?


Hmm, I can see it now though…
I mean when I go to your profile, not just tap on it.

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Mine isn’t showing anymore either.

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Well I can’t

must be smth on my end then

nvm @Pilot_Felix also can’t see

Click on my mine, see if you see mine,

nope, nothin

I don’t see yours either…

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Showing up on mobile for me. Let me check from my desktop in a minute.

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must be a desktop-only issue I guess

Issue on my phone too



Would you like to restart your device?
***Y Or. Y

It’s always the best option

Won’t do anything in this case

This has nothing to do with restarting the device

Refreshing the page has the same effect in this case I assume

and it does nothing

That would be correct.

I tried in a different browser and nothing. There has also been the issue of the “birthdays” tab in the cakeday area disappearing. Maybe IF is working on something?