Location airport problem (LFFQ)

Hi guys! Since a long time now I fly often at LFFQ (La Ferte Alais airfield) which is an iconic airfield in France where each year there is an amazing air show

Credit: www.air-Journal.fr

But in infinite flight there is a little problem with the location of the runway which is not well positioned like in reality. Moreover there’s no gate or other type of location to parked.

Do you think it’ possible to do something?
I personally can’t help the airport moderator team because I don’t have a computer:(


I think you are right. Unfortunately I’m not part of the airport editing team but this should be fixed in the next navigational update. There are a lot of airports like this but that’s just because they need to look at all the airports in the world.

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Yes I understand, it’s true that there is a lot of airports which need a rework, I hope they saw my message;)

Hi I am part of the airport editing ream I am still new there but I will tell some more experienced editors about this.

This is because it’s still a default file (not edited). Most airports are like that too.

Of course, edit the airport. However I’m not sure if someone will do it, every editor is free to do the airports he wants, and we don’t take requests from the public.


Ok i understand, no problem ✈️👍

Seems good to watch that Airshow.

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Someone is already doing the airport, if everything goes according to the protocol it could be available in the next scenery push.

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Oh nice! Thank you to prevent!

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