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Hi, im trying to locate Captain Spiros CFU callsign: Aegean 100. Help will be appreciated :)


Find your nickname on IFC and you will probably find

I cant thats the problem:)

Remember that not everyone that flies on Infinite Flight is on the IFC.

That’s probably the situation of the person you are looking for. No results popped up when I typed in several versions of his display name.


Search CFU and find it

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Yes but he is on VO CFU

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@M.ATOMIC what does CFU stand for?

Still cant find him, if anyone knows him please pm me. this can be closed !

Is that happened while are you controlling EKCH (i think)?

Ah I know who you are talking about the notorious Aegean 100, when providing ATC at airports like EGLL, he never follows instructions but is there all the time! I don’t believe he is on the community. Just shows how annoying he is if I can remember his callsign!
Sorry and Happy Flying :D

Yep thats the guy he is grade 5 and he doesnt listen to instructions!


So true!! I just finished controlling a super busy EGLL and he was taking off without permission, spamming messages, landing without permission, taxing through others and many other things. I really hope the staff member could do something… Like remove his pro subscription forever.


i was again controlling tower at EGLL today. he kept spamming, landing without permission and he didnt listin to atc instructions!

I agree something should be done with people who continually troll TS, I mean you’re on TS for that reason to train. But then also if I were you I would not control at major airports like LHR and LAX and try some smaller airports.
Just my opinion :)


Grade has no ties to skill. For all we know, he could’ve farmed landings via touch and goes for hours on end.

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That’s the training server for you.

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