Localizer not appearing

Hey IFC, in planes like the 757 or 777’s when I want to do an ILS approach I go on map and click NAV 1 on the runway i want to land on, then i go to NAV on the HUD and I set it to NAV 1 but the Localizer is not appearing only the glidescope is appearing. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Can you show a picture of the problem?

I cant right now because im flying right now but on the 757 for example the glidescope is appearing on the side but on the bottom there is no diamond or circle . I will show you a picture when I land. Also this happens every time i do an ILS approach. It works for me in an A320 series planes but not the 757 and 777’s

But I will show you a picture when I land

@MJP_27 here,

And I set it on nav 1

On the first photo as you can see I can’t see the localiser just the glide scope

Did You hit the appr button

The localizer is there? That’s to intercept the localizer or am I misunderstanding something

In order to capture the glide slope, you need to be established on the localizer. Like the green line needs to be aligned with the direction the runway is

@Asher oh ok thank you