Localizer more credible than Runway Heading?

So I was on short final to EGLL or KLAX, can’t remember which exact airport now…The ILS was locked on 270 degrees for runway 25R . I expected to intercept the localizer when I reached 270’ and was just 5NM to destination, but I noticed that

  1. The runway 25Rwas not on the Heading 270, it was probably 280 or so
  2. I was heading to the Parking spots(hanger) at 270’, it wasn’t even taking me to any specific runway
  3. I had to make a right turn to intercept / stabilize with d localizer which showed a different heading for Runway 25R
    The question is, should I trust d localizer instead of the runway heading or is there something else I should be doing or it’s just a bug? Thanks.

Well, this is a little vague. We’re you on the localizer, with 0 deviation, and flying a different heading? Or were you trying to intercept the localizer while not yet on it by flying runway heading? Because if you’re not yet on the localizer (I.e. the bar is dead center), flying runway heading won’t intercept the localizer. I’m not really sure what your implication is here.

(Not to mention, if you’re landing on runway 25R at KLAX, it’s no surprise that 270 or 280 wouldn’t point you at the runway, considering that’s roughly 20 to 30 degrees away from runway heading.)

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ILS for 25R showed up at 270. I locked it in. But on Final Approach that heading was leading me to somewhere else, so I had to turn right to line up with runway 25R which showed 280

I just hopped on the game to check. The ILS for 25R shows a heading of 250 degrees


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I guess it’s EGLL then

At EGLL, the runway number is 27 L/R, so the localizer should have a heading of 270 degrees (it’s exactly 270), but it could be off by a couple tenths of a degree. The runway heading at both of these should be the runway number, so I’m not really sure what the issue is


In my experience, both of these are spot on. 28R at KSFO is a little off, but that’s an outlier.

If you’re unsure even which airport you were at, there’s not much input for the finding the issue machine to work with.

We still don’t know if you were actually on the localizer, trying to intercept, what. We don’t have any information, including even a clear remembrance of what continent you were on at the time.

If indeed this is an issue, it will still be there. So go back, take a bunch of screenshots of what you’re trying to say, making sure to have the HUD visible, so that we actually have some information with which to work.

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I find that the 27 runways at Heathrow are actually at 271 degrees.

That’s a 1 degree in angle difference. It may not be perfectly aligned, but 1 degree doesn’t, at least in my opinion matter much. That is easily adjustable manually :)

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Two things to bear in mind. First, 27 might have a heading anywhere from 265 to 275. Second, when you’re approaching and there is any kind of crosswind, your plane is going to be pointing to something other than the runway heading even if you’re perfectly flying down the localiser. A light headwind might throw you off by 1 degrees, so for a 270 heading you could be pointing towards 271 and doing a good landing. A stronger headwind could be up to 4-5 degrees off centre.

Trust the localiser normally, but be sure you are not landing at somewhere awkward like Juneau or Innsbruck where you cannot really use it like you would elsewhere.

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I mean for example, Runway 27L and 27R are both at an angle of 270 degrees. When I lock in Runway 27R on d ILS, the plane doesn’t exactly line up on that runway automatically, it just strays towards that direction, then I have to manually redirect it to that particular runway manually.
And I land successfully most of the time because I have a visual of the runway,if visibility is bad, I’m unable to land.

That isn’t how the localiser works, the plane won’t do anything automatically unless you have turned on APPR. The idea of the localiser is to tell pilots when they are no longer lined up so they can correct that themselves.

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I never use approach tbh. I land manually.
So in other words, I still have to rely on the mini map on the HUD to get established on d localizer , especially during foggy weather to land on the correct runway, especially in cases where u hv two runways with same headings? (270’ in this case)

We’re you using APPR or not?

No I wasn’t, I never do.

Okay and when you were on final it was the localizer showing a different path?
Could you also share some screenshots so I can see exactly how this occurred?
What were the winds?
Just trying to get more information to help out :)

The localiser and the runway heading don’t always line up!

Just for info.


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It’s something similar to this.

This guy had to manually line up with the runway because the ILS Runway heading of 271 was leading him the wrong way.

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Runway headings are rounded to the nearest 10, ie you would have Runway 271L at EGLL, as it is rounded down to 270 so the third digit can be removed.
0-4 gets rounded down, 5-9 gets rounded up.
Even this can be a off sometimes
I recommend keeping an eye on the localiser (bit under the degree heading) and making sure the big line lines up with the one in the middle - see picture below.

You can utilise the instrument approach (localiser [yellow] and glide slope [green]) to ensure you are centered,