Localizer keeps over correcting

No blame here, but i think it does not help the autopilot to slow down drastically while turning to catch the ILS and stabilize an altitude. By watching the replay, I am not surprised you had an unstable aircraft.
I think wise to get those things done gently and one after the other.
My 2 cents!
Happy flying.

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Great vid, but very different from your exemple. The speed is gently managed, and the descent is constant. These two factors are very important.
My 4 cents! 😉

I think most is said already. I often struggled with the same problem in the beginning using this sim. I found out that a good distance to catch the ILS signal ist 1/3 of the distance of the ILS cone before you finally hit it’s outer border. (Don’t know to describe it in other words :))
Stay at around 3000ft AGL. And try to get as straight in as possible. I know it’s possible to hit it with an angle of 30 degree but this often doesn’t work for me. And while activating APPR don’t (!) trim and lower thrust. If your plane still have some problems: stay calm, switch of AP again. (Calibrate device) and start the procedure again. That’s why I try to catch the signal with a higher distance to final. Best of luck!

I have been suffering from this issue a lot recently and unfortunately this made me unmotivated to fly IF anymore… I tried everything, intercept in 30 degrees and speed no more than 180-190 before intercepting G/S (depending on the weight). Unfortunately I couldn’t do a single stable approach with maximum bank angle just to do a minor correction of deviation… Moreover; i used to fly with a joystick and to make my experience worse; the LiveFlight Connect app is catastrophic particularly with B772 which renders me not excited to the new B777W… Just pressing APPR mode has become a nightmare ruins your smooth uneventful flight…

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