Localizer keeps over correcting

I apologize if this has been addressed already but I was having difficulty coming up with the right keywords to try and find an existing topic.

So this is something I keep seeing happen with landings. The localizer will initiate its capture, but then the aircraft will keep over correcting when trying to line up with the runway on final. The resulting behavior is the aircraft will continuously turn left, then turn right, then left again, then right again - the entire final. I have to disengage the AP and manually fly the landing, which I usually do anyway once I’m fully established on the glide slope. Usually I stay at 180 knots until 2500 feet and then I drop the gear and slow to final landing speed. It does this in any aircraft, a350, 777, CRJ to name a few. Is there something I’m missing?


Are you making sure to intercept the localizer at a 15-30 degree angle? If not, how long of a final are you setting up for?

May I ask which known issue it is?

I flew into chicago earlier today, I think I came in at a 30 degree angle, right at around 15 miles out. But I think I see what your getting at. I should try and plan the intercept further out and at a better angle

When do you engage APPR? Perhaps you have a video of this happening?

I engage APPR a few miles before the localizer starts moving, I can make a video from a replay give me like 10 minutes

A video would be really helpful. Often times it is due to the angle and/or how far before you enabled appr.

Appr is designed to go back and forth so it captures. It is not always a one turn and done thing.


I thought this was a known issue because a lot of Pilots have trouble with the APPR.

I guess they may have had troubles instead.

The replay won’t show the localizer but trust me APPR is on

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I’m noticing that you are putting your gear down and slowing down to 145 while intercepting the localizer. This can be a problem since it the adjustments will have to be stronger, since the slower the aircraft is, the harder it is to fly “normally”. I’d intercept at 170-190 and then as you approach 5-7 miles from the runway, set the aircraft up for landing.

Please let me know if the issues continue.


I’ll try your suggestion

It usually always overcorrects for me, I usually use a speed of 170 when entering the localizer at a <30 degree angle yet it still overcorrects. APPR does have issues that needs fixing for the future.


So I guess I was right. I mean I saw a lot of people having trouble with ILS and APPR. Even the IF autopilot as been creating problems for me lately. For example, I was flying and my KLM 777-200ER circled around for no reason. I would assume this has caught the dev’s eye in some way.

Now: This does vary, because I have never really had an issue with APPR and never really use it to be honest because of ATC vectors. It sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t.

In conclusion, the APPR does need some fine tuning, squash a couple of bugs and it will be alright.

I do fly other sims and payware aircraft, both Boeing and Airbus. And I’ve never seen those payware aircraft not capture the localizer even at slower speeds. The approach into Mexico City for example. That approach has you turning final gear down at 145kts -160kts at a 90 degree angle, the autopilot must be precise in its calculations and behavior otherwise you’re going missed.

So while i don’t mind making changes to how I plan my final approaches to accommodate the IF AP, I don’t necessarily agree that your speed has to be above 170kts to capture a localizer.


Nice nice!

Yes, but we are talking about payware study level aircraft in your case. X-plane is hard to compare to IF as X-Plane is designed to train real-world pilots and IF is not. Also please be careful mentioning other sims and comparing them to this sim. I am not saying I hate the other sims (I am an XP simmer myself). But the mods don’t like it.

Anyway I see your point and the APPR does need fixing.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll edit it out before they see lol

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Same here. I simply don’t use the ILS anymore.

While indeed I may sometimes not have the perfect exact parameters to fit the AP’s mood, I still think have seen this problem appear recently. Never before the last updates would the AP over correct with that magnitude.
It appears even when I’m actually already aligned with the localizer. If I let it do, I will end up banking too hard, stall and crash.

I strongly believe there is an issue with the AP. Not saying that I’m expecting everything to be perfect or that it’s necessarily an issue with the AP itself (could be weather related, specific device related, plane related etc…); but that issue was not here before. I have close to 4,000FH so reasonably familiar with the various behavioral changes of the simulator.

It may also relate to the issue of the AP not being able to level off at cruise.

I have no doubt that the devs will be able to fix the matter if they can spot its origin.

On the bright side, it has forced me to hand fly my approaches and therefore significantly improve my skills :)


Good to know it’s not just me. And I agree this issue never used to exist until recently. I’ll start hand flying my approaches as well.

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Alright, thank you! 😄