Localizer glitches

Using IPad Air 2. Trying to make instrument approaches but although glide slope indicator is fairly steady, localizer is jerking back and forth constantly making unusable. One second im on target and the next I’m way off to the right or left of the runway. Any ideas why this is?
Anything I can do?
Thank you

You have to lock in the runway you want or else it may keep switching runways.

Ok great. I thought it did it automatically.
Could you just explain the procedure for locking it in?
Thank you so much

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Hold on the localizer runway option for a few seconds, then several will display and you select the runway you want.

Next to the airport name there is a little star*

This means that you are locked onto that localiser, also a few of the runway headings arnt massively accurate because some runways are inbetween two headings. Also winds play a massive part in your localiser.


Thanks so much! Always more to learn

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lol Probably why planes IRL land at the wrong airports XD

Just checked it out. Wow! A whole new menu to choose from. Works great now! Thanks again.
Wondering what else is hiding under the surface that I don’t know about. lol

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You can also look at this helpful thread if you have anymore questions :)

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