Localizer Didn't Change For the Remainder of the Flight

Ok, how should I explain this. Yesterday, I was doing a 2 hour test flight from KLAX. 25 minutes after departure, I decided to descend towards KSAN. When I tried to test the APPR, I noticed that when I hold on the localiser, it keeps on showing me ILS approaches for KLAX. This screenshot was taken after I departed KSAN:

Still showing ILS approaches for KLAX. If there’s a duplicate topic, I searched everywhere. Is there anyway to fix the localiser issue? It never changes for the rest of the flight.


Was you final airport destination KLAX OR KSAN , if it was KLAX then it will only show ILS approaches for for KLAX and not KSAN ! :)


Oh ok, I thought this was an issue. Yes my final destination was KLAX, I think I had this issue before, but I forgot. Thanks :)

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No worries , glad i could help !

See you on the server soon :)

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