Localiser & glide slope

Is there any way to “lock-in-place” the glide slope mark & localiser instead of being moving up and down the yoke to keep it in place?

You can with appr but otherwise no.

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Thanks. The problem is that only certain aircrafts are capable of appr.

Correct, but as more are “remodeled”, the number of planes with appr will increase.

Some planes have an automatic approach, like the A321, but most do not. Once you’re lounged up with the runway, use the hud to navigate down to the center of the runway. There are tutorials on how to do this

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Well hope so.

Nope you have to fly in the flight sim 😉


You need to descend at a rate -600 to -800ft/m to stay on the glideslope.

I have noticed that if you set the descent rate to -600 to -800, when you activate it, it goes up abruptly to the thousands. Is there any way to avoid it?

Yes, thanks, that is what I am doing.

Because you have to fly without autopilot for landing. You’ll also make smoother landings.

I see. So, you just enter -600 or -700, etc., but do not activate te AP. Thanks.

You don´t enter nothing. The number left will be the one remaining after following your ground speedx5 until having established yourself on the glideslope. You turn off the A/P some dots below it, and fly down manually.
For example: You´re flying at 26000ft. You should start descending at 81nm, but add between 1-5nm extra to be comfortable.
Follow your ground speedx5. Reduce your VS in -100 each time you GS hits an even number (400GS=-2000ft/m, 380GS=-1900ft/m and so on).

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Thanks again for your time and patience. I will practice it tomorrow following your instructions. Hope I will make some progress. Good night.


No problem. Check the PDF I posted about the glideslope. See if it helps you. If it doesn´t, keep asking.

Ok, I will check it. Thanks.

When ATC tells me, for example, IFSA10, descend to 3,500, maintain 3,500 until established on the localizer, cleared ILS Runway 25R Approach, I just set it up either manually or with AutoPliot (not APPR)