Localiser at Luton

Hi all! I don’t think this has already been mentioned, but I can’t get the localiser to display correctly after the new update once tuned to the ILS. The glideslope indication works fine, but the localiser constantly displays to the right of the runway.


Hiya! Is this an issue with just approaching Luton or other airports too? There were no reports of this even with the large flash flight flyin yesterday.

Hey! So far I think it’s just been Luton, landed at Budapest today and it all seemed ok. Thanks for making Luton 3D though! Looks great!

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I’ve been flying into Luton regularly recently, and can confirm the ILS localiser is a little bit offset for Runway 25

APPR mode still works perfectly, in fact it doesn’t turn to intercept the displayed localiser, it only turns when actually aligned with the runway, but the visual glitch is still there, and may affect any radar guided ILS approaches


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