Local Spotting | Schupfart-Fricktal [LSZI] | 30th May, 2020

Hello everyone!

Today I headed up to my local airfield, Schupfart-Fricktal. Whilst I was there, I whipped out my camera and took a few pictures of some GA aircraft. The airport is very unique as it’s located on a hill and a 500 meter long grass runway. This makes landing there very challenging.
It’s been a while since I last went spotting hence why these pictures aren’t great.

DA40 Diamond Star (HB-SDJ)

PA28-181 Archer (HB-PBV)

PA18-150 Super Cub (HB-PLQ)

Something I’ve never done before is a wallpaper picture. This is my first try at shorting one. Let me know what you think!

Birb/Bird (HB-BRB)

This little fella was sitting on the airfield fence and catching some sun. I thought that I should include it. It’s safe to say that I’m better at spotting aircraft than I am at spotting birds.

Thank you for viewing my pictures! Take care everyone!


I could never get the registration of the birbs. Where am I able to find it?

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The registration for birds are found on the underside of their left wing. It’s incredibly difficult to see, so that’s why I used Birbspotters.net to find the registration for this particular bird.


great! thanks :) I will now use this website regularly

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Great shots!

I love the birb! Thank you so much! @SB110, @anon38496261

A birbed wire!

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birds are government drones confirmed??

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I’m sorry but the name of this airport is almost too much for my immature self to handle.


Another great website for bird registration numbers is Birdradar24.com

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Haha, behave yourself! Many people smirk whenever they ses the name of the airfield.

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