Local Runway Markings

Use the correct runway markings as they change per place.

For example,

In the US the aiming point is marked by two big white rectangles as is common in Infinite Flight. In the UK, this same point is marked by three displaced boxes.

In the US the runway of heading 090 (again, for example) is often marked “9”. In the UK, this would be marked “09”.

By all means this is not a priority, but a nice to have; especially with global flight looming!


This would be quite interesting to have. I support this!


Would also like to see this - I support it! :)

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I was thinking about this, WED should have an option like this!


Couldn’t the airport editing team just do this? Once they got consent to ofc

There is an option.

It is used. It just needs to be rendered by IF


Need to find out that then🤔

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Concur. Well cited. Max


Can’t be that hard to add - when we edit we add the appropriate markings and hence if they are supported there shouldn’t be issues with adding it to all airports (that require it)