Local multiplayer

i think its a very good idea if some peoples can fly with anothers pilots in the same wifi connection, like minecraft with local multiplayer option.


I like this idea. My 9 year brother pretends to be atc and says things like permission to land in the middle of nowhere? Granted. 😂 wouldn’t let him do it

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I can’t find the link but I’m pretty certain this has already been discussed.

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@Swang007 it has I couldn’t find the link either it may have been merged with another topic

i talk about LOCAL network, only the devices connected to the same wifi can fly together.

It comes up a lot, but it’s not being considered.

not exactly like this. just made a option to join wifi game… but i realize its not so easy to made it. but great option if that come someday.

I would like to bring this topic back for the fact that this would be amazing for global, me and a good school buddy and would like to play on the same region, but we cannot connect to school wifi for games. Would Love to have this as a free option, as it would most likely nor include ATC if it were implemented.

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One of my friends used to play IF, but we both moved and I know no one who has the same passion for planes as I do. Anyway I can still play with my dad 😂

The developers have one

This would be pretty useless for people in Middle East .