Local METAR Incorrect (IRL/Not IF)

Just noticed my local airports METAR data is very wrong, is that normal?
Only noticed as house almost blowing down, but on IF not so bad, but matches the airport data in real life.

Sometimes - I had one at my local airport where it was reporting IFR with an RVR reporting, it was 10 and clear that hour. It could of caught the weather earlier and reported that

The winds have been fairly sustained over the last 12 hours.

Hmm, just updated to something more correct… guess just an anomaly.

Are you saying that the weather IRL is not matching the METAR? As I am sure you know the weather in IF is taken from the METAR data so if that is incorrect…

Maybe the airport in real life got it wrong. Sometimes in metar you can see COR and that means the metar has been corrected by someone because it was wrong (in real life that is). One day I was giving sailing classes and there was an alert for a thunderstorm.(also at some point saying it was already there) Obviously incorrect considering it was very good weather all around so no reason for a thunderstorm. Considering that I guess whoever does the metar or if it’s s automatic it can have a mistake sometimes.

Maybe there was a little bug at your airport and then IF took that weather info which was wrong. If that’s the case then as soon as your airport corrects it then IF will correct it too. But they’re not the ones doing the measurements so if in real life it’s wrong in IF it’s wrong too.


Yes when I spawned into IF, it showed 12knts, and then went to 15knts, checked the IF METAR, then checked the one at the local airport in real life, and IF matched the real life one. The real life one, is now showing what looks like more correct data 18024G34KT.

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Looks like they did, but now you say that, locally they do have a habit of getting the local weather wrong, similarly I’ve heard them observing storms, when not a cloud in sight.
Was just bit surprised as the difference, probably quite large operationally for a lot of aircraft.

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