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I just flew in from St. Martin to KDCA. I planned to do a flight to KIAD in my UAL 737-700. But I see that there’s a TFR in the airspace saying “No local flying between any airport within this TFR.” Does that mean I can’t fly from KDCA-KIAD?


thats correct, you are not allowed to fly between DCA and IAD… choose an airport further away to avoid any violations, as IFATC are allowed to Issue you a Violation if you violate the TFR


ok thank you @SunDown

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Your Info is actually not right for Infinite Flight TFR’s. please do not spread wrong information please. Cant really see where this picture you posted has something to do with Infinite Flight TFR’s for tonights FNF

That’s exactly what that means while the TFR is active. It’s to keep the IFATC from being overwhelmed with people flying between the two airports during FNF while handling all the other arriving and departing traffic.

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yes i know. that’s why i was asking the question. thanks again!

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Sorry, my comment actually sounded kind of aggressive, was in no way meant rude or anything. Glad I could help. Happy Flying.

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none taken. lol.

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I flag this topic for closure as the question is answered :) feel free to PM me if you have further qestions, I’m always happy to help

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