Local flying for next week

Am I correct in assuming that flying from Hongqiao to Pudong will not be allowed next week?

Also is flying from Nantong and Hangzhou disallowed? There are no flights from these to Shanghai IRL and they are pretty close.

It’s just general common sense that when you see a field with 100 inbounds to it you don’t take off next door.

It shouldn’t need to be specifically spelled out every time, honestly. If JFK is open and swamped, you don’t try to fly from LaGuardia. It’s just about respecting the others in the airspace and the controllers.

There isn’t going to be a TFR every day, but there shouldn’t have to be.


Always assume it’ll be enforced with or without a NOTAM. We will schedule plenty of days where short hops and regional flights are available to change things up!

A 2 mile direct leg in an A380 off of a 1,000ft gravel strip from Farmer Bob’s Ranch to the main international airport will never be allowed.


Well at this point I’m more asking about the two slightly further once cuz I think some people might consider Hangzhou to Shanghai a reasonable route. It actually would be like 10 years ago before 300kph trains were a thing.

I would say that it depends on traffic. If it has 100+ inbounds like Tim said, don’t even try to fly in from anywhere nearby. If the traffic levels are low, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. However, if you can, I would still advise taking off from somewhere a bit farther away (say, Wenzhou or Qingdao). This reduces the risk of a report, and also doesn’t increase your flight time by too much.

Shanghai to Bejing runs at 350kph lol
Don’t worry I’m mot gonna fly locally. Just wondering what would not be allowed. China is a bit weirder than most places because of the trains. Like I’d consider Nanjing too close

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