“LOC” in Flight Progress Strips

So this has been a thing on my mind for quite a while now. Basically when I go controlling on radar facilities (or even ground & tower I’m not quite sure), sometimes I see the “LOC’ service in the flight progress strip of an aircraft. Some of you might know LOC stands for a localizer approach (basically ILS but without the glideslope), but it’s not currently a thing in IF. Does anyone know why this is here? Here are one of the examples below:

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Hu… I never noticed that, I really don’t know, interested to find out why…

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Maybe some IF navdata that isn’t supported graphically yet?

I think :VIS/ILS/LOC-ICAO can be shown on the flight progress strip when an aircraft is cleared for the approach by the appr controller or if the pilot has pressed the approach he want to make(ILS 35L). Keep in mind that when you controll Ground and give a taxi command (taxi to Runway 12) your progress strip must be something like that:
Nasa 1 12
The same happens also whne you are Tower.Hope it clears up some things.


But when:
GPS = GPS Approach
ILS = ILS Approach
VIS = Visual Approach
then LOC = Localizer Approach, which is currently not supported.

Yes…you are right…I am not so sure but it might happens when you choose either ILS or GPS :⬇️
I would love to hear if someone else has any idea about that


LOC stands for local not localizer. If they have LOC on the strip it means they asked to remain in the pattern on departure. When working approach, and these people check in. I gladly guide them back to the runway 😈


Thank you for explaining! I will now flag this topic to be closed.