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I’m really not sure if this a Topic but anyway…

It would be real nice if we had a LOC button. As we already have a APPR button it would be nice to have this feature. For example, when a aircraft is below the glide but just getting established, it is really hard to get yourself lined up with the runway and then press the APPR to then follow the glide. This also helps in low visibility and busy airspace.

As seen here_______________^^

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Original Photo from here: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-functions-of-FPA-flight-path-angle-knob-in-the-MCP-of-an-Airbus-A320-and-when-it-used

It could work. Wouldn’t be my first feature to vote for though.


Make sure to vote on it if you want it implemented! Also make sure to give picture credits. :)

hey man love the idea but how can a localizer work without an altimeter?



You should vote for your own feature request to show you actually want this implemented.

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What’s the link between a localiser and altimeter?

Used for landing and to create the glide slope. I learned this from a youtube actual pilot Jfaviano feel free pm me I can get anyone a link.

The localiser does not create the glidepath, it is purely about lateral navigation. It isn’t linked or reliant on the altimeter.

Where you have a precision approach (e.g. ILS) you have a separate glideslope for vertical navigation.

good idea, the autopilot is very brutal !
I really prefer to divide the APP by 2
LOC with HDG and GS (glideslope) with the V/S

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Not always. There are a number of approaches IRL that have offset locs.

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I guess this is a must for the simulator!

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Voted!! Would love this if it was implemented:)

This would be really cool Imjust can’t vote because I hit the limit

Use the Search function instead of an I dont know, or Sorry otherwise Misha gets grumpy

This has been a topic since November so we can assume it’s fine

Anyways, this would be a solid feature. The appr is not ideal to use all the time but this would definitely help people fly better approaches

Actually this is a feature I’ve been kind of thinking about. There’s no need to split it in two… Only in the CODE and behavior does it need to be split in two. I rarely use approach because of the violent climb and or banking the aircraft sometimes does when I’ve intercepted the localizer and been a dot or two below the glide. What the devs could do is implement an “ARM*” function for approach where the LOC and G/S are “armed” and the LOC could be intercepted prior to the G/S being intercepted without the aircraft climbing. See pics of Airbus PFD/Flight Mode Annunciatior with LOC and G/S armed.

*The “ARM” function could be along with a flight director/flight guidance system that would allow you to arm NAV and or ALT on the ground similar to the Airbus and fly manually via flight director commands for vertical/lateral navigation-see the Boeing/Airbus pics below

Boeing and Airbus “Takeoff Mode” with LNAV and VNAV armed, then LNAV/NAV becoming boxed on the FMA followed by ALT on Airbus and VNAV on Boeing shortly after liftoff.

Some features aren’t mutually exclusive of others and vice versa-maybe I’ll post this thread and others relating to a flight director/guidance system and see what develops.


yes exactly , i’m praticing airbus since many years now too

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