Loadscreen won't fade to let replay show

Loadscreen won’t fade. Actually loadscreen is completely blank for replays and flights.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Exynos — Infinite Flight 21.1

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Hi, either the replay itself is corrupt or you are having some internet connectivity issues. Recommend, closing Infinite Flight, stop it running in the background, then power down your device and turn it back on then try again.


Went through some steps however the problem persists.

  • the screenshot feature works so I don’t think the file is corrupted
  • I made sure the performance/battery mode was not on eco
  • priority mode (Samsung game booster) made sure all other tabs were inactive
  • reboot didn’t help neither

The blueish screen blinks twice when I press replay just before sounds pop in.

successive blinks

what’s seen in the aforementioned blinks

May I add, I can see the replay when changing time


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Is it just this one particular replay file or all of them?

All of them

Can you share the replay file? Follow these steps and provide a link in the thread here in your topic.

Here’s my most recent complete flight, replay should be unaltered

The F-22 and scenery loaded right up for me in less than 20 seconds. I’m still leaning on this being an internet issue on your side. Try restarting your WiFi router/modem.

I tried my three options

5.0GHz WiFi
2.0GHz WiFi

Plus I can fly absolutely fine on live servers.
Bear in mind I can’t see the picture shown on loading screen, even when flying live.

I think the lack of “tap to calibrate” screen locks the grey screen on replay.

Did you restart your game? I had this issue, too but don’t remember how I fixed it

Yep, restarted everything, cleared some 50MB of cache but it didn’t help

Hmm, I mean other than backing up all your files and reinstalling Infinite Flight, I don’t know what else will resolve the issue on your end especially since you’ve restarted your device multiple times, cleared cache, and tried different internet connections.

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I will see tomorrow, thanks for trying to help 👍

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La solution la plus simple est souvent la meilleure

Had to spend a good five minutes to export the files but worth it after all, thanks for the help!

the simplest solution is often the best - an actual French saying

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That’s awesome to hear! Happy flying my friend! 🛫 😎

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