I’ve tried getting into both the expert and training servers this morning and get stuck at the screen below. I’ve tried restarting the app, restarting my iPad (Pro 12.9”) and my internet connection is fine with other games. I am running ios11. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Known intermittent issue.

Tyler pinged Laura yesterday as well.

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This is a known issue. I believe Laura was alerted last night

I’m experiencing this too.

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@BluePanda900 The previous issues weren’t limited to one server, issues were reported on both servers ;)

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Oop, sorry about that.

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I have no problems on any server, all works fine for me

Guys, just because the ”Airport Status” screen is stuck on ”Loading…” doesn’t mean you can’t use Live.



Confirming what Seb said ;)

Training and Expert work fine just an intermittent issue with the Loading screen prior to selecting “Fly”

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