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Good Evening,
In the last couple of days I have found my Infinite Flight to be acting weiredly.

So what is the Problem:
Every time I start the App it loads it perfectly until I either hit Solo/Online/ATC there it starts to load and stays on this Image for upto 5 minutes.

My Internet Connection is working perfectly and I have tryed it on two devices and have restarted both of them before trying again, I can´t quite figure out what is happening as this has never occoured before.

Thanks for your Help


I also thought this was an app problem, but i found out later that it was my internet connection, and sometimes it said the IF servers were unavailable, so I’d start from there, try to reset your router and switch networks to see if anything is different.

I have tryed multiple networks too, I am at a loss. Thanks for your help tho…


Hey, are you using any VPN connection to your internet? And how fast is it?

I am sadly not a very “techy” person so I have no Idea how to find out the Speed neither do I know what a VPN is. But Il try to find something out :)

Just another question: have you tried connecting to any other WiFi station?

Edit: @Flying_Pencil test the internet speed here: speedtest.net

So the Test results:
Ping MS --> 29
MBPS–> 6,34 Download
MBPS–> 1,77 Upload


thanks for your help @Kuba_Jaroszczyk

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Keep checking:

  • Sign in and out of your Account and check if it connects.

  • Restart Infinite Flight after doing this.

  • Finally try reinstalling Infinite Flight. Make sure to store any previous replays into Google Drive, iCloud or sharemyinfiniteflight.com.

Let us know about the progress then. There are still many possibilities.

Wil do that again,… thanks

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It seems to have worked now, thanks for all your help and Il let you know if it comes back!

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Glad to hear. Let us know if this happens again. :)

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And it’s back. I have tryed everything and am Not getting any results, this has never been a problem before, i am at a loss of what to do.

What device are you using? Is it rather old or outdated?

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One device is 2 Years old and the other one is 1 day old, both are made by Samsung

Are all softwares up to date? Including Infinite Flight and your devices’? Software updates or bugs might cause these issues if connection issues are set aside…

Everything is up to date, I am on Android 9.0 and my Connection is fine ( once I get into the menu it´s all fine and I have a brilliant connection but sadly it takes about 5-10 mins to get it up. @iOS_Aviator

At the end, you are still able to fly and load into flights correct?

yes…the app especially today is having some problems…
Ping: 2
Download : 827
Upload: 681

But my game hung at the callsign page for a minute

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I am able to fly after about 20 mins of restarting the app reinstalling turning WIFI on and off…
and then it´s fine

If it happens again, please continue to reply on the thread so we further understand what might be the reason causing these long loading times.

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