Loading screen

You guys know where is the place of the loading screen?

@CaptainAli_yt created the loading screen, so maybe he can shed some light on the matter. However somewhere over Canada would be my guess

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Outside Vancouver in the Rocky Mountains would be my guess.

Take a flight with the ATC schedule today and I’m sure you’ll come across very similar terrain. The Rockies are beautiful!


I would guess the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia Canada seeing that the aircraft is an Air Canada old livery

It’s look like be on the Harrison Lake area, near to Vancouver

Just checked google earth and you could be right

I have the exact location saved on my phone since it when you take the screenshot with Infinite Flight it saves it. I will check and let you know shortly. I don’t have my phone on me rn though.

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Alright, it was over Spuzzum if that’s what you call it


Lemme check

There’s nothing else to check. It’s all right there.


I can turn it into a waypoint for you to fly to.

This is the position

The difference is that the loading screen is in full graphics, and my screenshot is in min graphics 🗿💀

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And the angle and lighting is different. Shows how hard it is to really replicate a picture to perfection lol 😏

Yeah, it’s actually one of my favorite loadings screen


The retro liveries are always fancy for a loading screen ngl

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