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Hey guys ı have a big problem here. First of all my english is bad please understand me. When global update is released. I update it. And ı bought 1 month subscription. When ı press the “FLY” button it takes me loading screen forever. I did everything for that. I restarted my device ı restarted İnfinite flight. I reset the ipad, ı did everything. But it not works what can ı do .

Device: İpad Air 2 11.0.3


try starting from an airport that was in the older IF version. Could you please be more detailed, send screenshots other useful information?

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Lorenzo Schaaf

Maybe try die clear the RAM when ther is an option for that.

Hi there,

We have seen other users have success with the following suggestion:

Reset Network Settings
-From the home screen, tap Settings.
-Scroll down to, then tap General.
-Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
-Tap Reset Network Settings.
-Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.


Thanks ı will try it

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Make sure you close the app and refresh your device then you can relaunch Infinite Flight after you reset your network settings ;)

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Make sure you don’t have many apps running in the background.

@maeyo ı have only İnfinite Flight bro 😎

Haha awesome, just making sure cuz that was a problem I was having :)

@Levet it stil not work :/

Can you try to fly utilizing a different internet source? There might be an issue with you internet service provider or the equipment they provided.

@Levet is there a update loading screen problems???

We’ve seen some problems with long wait times at loading screens so we usually recommend a router reset, device refresh and an app relaunch.

@Levet When?

There are multiple topics about loading screen issues and I provided the usual suggestions above unless I’m misunderstanding your issue and it’s related to trying to get an update from your App Store? Please confirm :)

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@Levet Good. I Confirm!

Okay, make sure that you have the latest available update “Hotfix”

Delete the app and reinstall. Let us know if that helps.

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Okay thx so much ı have lates update in infinite flight ı cant wait for the update

@Levet when this update out?

Go into the App Store and see the most recent build there.