Loading Screen Quick Visual Tutorials

With the addition of the new loading screens and quick tips in one of the previous updates, and the ability to interchange them, I thought what if instead of just cycling through only purty pictures, a few quick visual tutorials were added. For example:

If this cannot be done, then the quick tips are still really awesome along with the nice pictures. But I think if images were added to accompany the tip, it would allow for more information to be shared rather then just the one short sentence.

This is an interesting concept! I like it!


This is a great idea!!


Great idea, gives a new meaning to the loading screen.


I like this!

Maybe different servers could have different “level” tips. Beginner tips on TS and more complex things on Expert.


That’s an interesting idea as well, I like it!

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That’s a nice idea!

I love this idea totally removing a vote for this