Loading Screen Problem

Hello guys,
I have a problem where the loading screen doesn’t go away.
I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted my device, restarted the app and I cleared the scenery cache, but nothing works.

Iphone SE
IOS 11.3

Try updating to the latest iOS. iOS 11.4 is curent I believe.


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The speed of your device may be affected by your storage… do you have space left?

Yes, 10-15 GB I believe.

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A couple of things to try beyond what’s been mentioned above @MaximV that i’ve had work for me.

Make sure you connection is strong to your wifi, for some reason poor connection has caused the app to not initiate and gets you stuck in the screen.

Try loading in another airport, sometimes busier areas will take longer, and somehow get stuck in doing so. Ive switched to a place where nobody is at, load in, exit, start a new flight where im trying to and have had that work.

Odd one that ive had work, get to the airport selection screen, select your gate, go to the screen that you’d start the flight on, but close your app from here and restart the app. Idk what that has to do with for the coding, but for some reason locking in the gate has freed it up.

hopefully one of these gets you flying

Just updated, still doesn’t work…

The weird thing is that everything worked perfectly fine this morning. My wifi has a strong connection and I’ve tried different airports.
Selecting a gate and restarting the app also doesn’t work.

Thank you for these tips!


Could you please try restarting your router and resetting your network settings?

Reset the network settings:
Open the settings app -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

After you have done it, clear the scenery cache again and try spawning at a different airport.

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I’ll try this. Thanks!

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Hi does it works now

Still doesn’t work. But I just found out that our solar panels also don’t give connection to the data base.
We’ll call the wifi service tomorrow and I hope that it’ll be fixed by then.

Thank you!

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Very strange, hate when things go south with the wifi. Hopefully see you in the skies sooner than later!

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Is there another iOS device from a family member or friend that you can borrow for a test? It would be interesting to see what happens if you install IF on another mobile device. Obviously you need to go through the effort (pain) of logging in with your iTunes account etc… but it’s all I can think of right now.

The only other IOS device we have is from my sister, she won’t give it to me 😂