Loading Screen Problem

Hello Everyone! I have a problem with my Infinite flight app, this problem started when I updated my Infinite flight app. Everytime when I want to start a flight and press on the fly button it keeps me in the loading screen forever, it never loads and also it loads sometimes but today I’ve tried multiple times it never loaded.
I’ve reinstalled my Infinite Flight a multiple times and it never loads.

It keeps me here forever and never loads

Device Name: IPad 2017
Operating System: IOS 11.0.3
Remaining Storage: 19.7GB out of 32GB

Have you tried restarting your device? Also, are you on a good internet connection?

Clearing your RAM may also work. Hold down the power button until you see the slide to power off, then hold down your hold button until you return to the home screen.

Yes I’ve Restarted my device a couple of times, my WiFi connection is very strong and I’ve Cleared my RAM too.

Hello! Have you tried loading into different airports? Try KATL, KORD, etc. I was experiencing this same issue yesterday that I was able to load into some airports but some I could not…

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If what @Brandon_K is saying doesn’t work, make sure you have a backup of all your iPad data on a computer. Your iPad may need to be factory reset.

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I’ve Tried the Airports and it doesn’t work, I think I will have to reset my iPad

No its is the wifi id u use a hotspot it will work

Yes… Follow what @JRRaviation said above and lets hope to get you back in the skies soon!

Ok I will factory reset my iPad. Hopefully it works. can’t wait to continue flying

I have factory Reset the IPad and it’s still not working

Just wait please maybe the servers are overloaded again wait it out

Ok!!! @KapitanBrozy

Many have been trying to load and it’s working for them, but it’s not working for me.