Loading Screen Picture Submission

Hello my name is Liam Boyer and I would like to submit a request for loading screen picture. I have had the picture attached and think it has a great representation of Infinite Flight’s terrain and fog detail in one photograph. Thank you for your consideration and have great day! Also my email is liamboyer99@gmail.com if you need to contact me.

-Liam Boyer



Great photo!


Great pic! I think IF should make this a thing (if their not busy) it would be cool to see the pictures people taking while playing a great game!

probably my best shot.


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Umm, this is necroposting


I don’t see how… It’s not my topic and I have a submission. If I created a new one it would be considered a duplicate.

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You bumped it, no one has replied to it since October 2015


that’s because I have a post… you want me to create a new topic when one is already there?

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If you didn’t post it here it you wouldn’t be necroposting. A new topic would’ve been fine since this topic is nearly 2 years old.

well… this one’s open as of now, so if this is closed I’ll create a new one.

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Please don’t. We don’t want to start a submission thing. FDS will ask for it if needed.