loading screen freezing

I was flying and the global server went to red checkmark and so then I restarted the flight and now the loading screen has been loading for a while

I have an ipad 6th gen (2018)
running on latest ios

I have restarted the app and restarted the device and no luck so far

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we dont have enough information

also here is a bit more about Support

This way dont have to ask to many questions of you and we could jump to a solution.

Try making sure you have a good connection with your WIFI and restart your device.

Hey Tyler, what device are you using currently?

I forgot about that information

its ok but please post it so everyone could have more context to go on. It clears up the forum.

Look above now and just ask if I need to add any other information

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29 out of 128 gb

now it says IF is experiening issues connecting. check internet issue and trying again. if it continues contact support

I feel as though the solution to your issue may rest in this post

However this appears to me to be a connections issue, but that is just me speculating and that’s never certain. Please note that a Regular has already mentioned this. So just report back to us if you have followed all of those steps.

I do not find my issue there.
EDIT: It was a connection issue

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“was is past tense” so is your issue resolved?