Loading screen crash on 4GB ram device

Hello Team,
Yesterday on 14 Oct I’ve received the update of IF in my Android device as regular I’ve downloaded the update over Wi-Fi

firstly the setting were high I’ve downloaded only 787-9 and click on fly loading screen comes and after 2 sec it crashed

then I tried with low setting anti alising is off same thing happens

Then I’ve tried re-installing app same issue

Tried on mobile network 4G same issue

Device : Oppo F1s 64GB it’s 64bit
11GB free space

I’ve second device which is Samsung Galaxy S6 which is smooth no issues I mean no internet connection issue

Please fix this issue as I have 2 accounts for IF for two devices and I can play on only one now

Try flying with the lowest settings in a very empty airport or on solo. Does it work then?

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Tried didn’t pass the loading screen

Have you tried clearing your multitasking menu or restarting the phone?

They usually solve most crash-related issues

Guess it’s an issue with oppo.

Check this thread and philippe’s reply:


I have that same oppo model and the same happens to me bur i have 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage and i have nearly done everything… I think its something wrong with our oppo phone. I have seen one other case with a older model. The model number is oppo f1s a1601


Anti alising is off what to do for changing android version

Same. I use oppo F1plus 12gb free space and it’s keep crashing.

Since it’s an OPPO issue, I would wait for a hotfix that is likely to come relatively soon. Just sit tight and hope for an update as it doesn’t seem much can be done!

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It seems that the issue only happens on those devices that have Android 5.1.

Could you try to upgrade your device to Android 6.0 (should be available for the Oppo F1s) and let me know if it works?


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our phones can’t go above 5.1, I believe. :(

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No System updates

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My android is a 7.0 with 4gb of ram and it does this. Also if I do get past loading screen this happens.
App crashing

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Just a bug with selecting airports, pretty sure it is known about, bugs did slip through the cracks, it is expected as FDS practically just made a new flight simulator in just 2 years.

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@philippe @Laura Thank you so much for the Oppo update now it has started but will do a long haul and let u know if any lags comes out or not for oppo

@philippe One major bug I found now in Oppo is while flying online when u click on ATC button i.e Headphone button the list window is continuously blinking cannot do anything in that and it is a bit laggy I’ve 32.53 GB of free space

Is that because ATC is trying to communicate with you?.. :)

There is no active ATC it is unicom

I’m talking about ATC box list which comes in black colour like announce taxi, clearoff all ruways, it continuously blink like it come and go, come and go very fast

Please create a separate topic for this issue; include device information and a video capture if possible (put it on youtube as unlisted and share it).