Loading screen black screen

I’m not sure why this is happening please help. I use the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 and I do not want to clear data as my replays will be gone :(

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Did this happen only after 19.2?

Try doing a full restart of your device and relaunch Infinite Flight.


yes it happened only after 19.2

What have you tried so far to try and fix this?

What graphics settings do you use?

I think the download of the picture was a bit windy… that may cause uncomplete picture. It happens often in IT

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Try deleting the app and reinstalling it again it helped me when my loading screen went like that.

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You can save those replays to your iCloud or to https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/.

Please report back after a reinstall.

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I have cleared cache on the game and also in app settings, optimised my phone and have powered off then on

Okay I’ll try to do that

anti aliasing off
Limit frame rate off

Did you at least try uninstalling it

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I cleared data and now its fixed

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Oh okay, I’d say reduce one of them to medium if it lags quite a lot since the A7 is a mid-range phone.

Nah its smooth on all high graphics, all I had to do was to reinstall the app so now it’s fixed:)

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