Loading Problems with the ground textures on RKSI

Hello IF community,
I have been having a regular problem with RKSI (Seoul Incheon) airport. My problem is that every time I fly to Seoul and then land at the airport, the ground textures do not load. It looks like the screenshots I took below. But I only have this problem at this airport and not at any other. Also the problem only occurs when I fly TO Seoul and not when my departure airport is Seoul, because then everything loads normally without problems. I have already tried to fix the problem by clearing my scenery cache, restarting the device, turning the graphics settings almost all the way down and clearing the cache of IF itself without success. I really have no idea how to fix this problem and it’s just annoying because RKSI is one of my favorite airports.
By the way, my device is a POCO X3 pro and I have Android version 12.
If anyone has a solution, please post below.
And thanks in advance.


It’s happens sometimes. Restart your app or Clear your Cache. If you had this issue in Arrival make a go around and make a wide DW. So airport can load again successfully.

This problem may occur in every place, you can try to re-enter. If this problem occurs after landing, there is no way to handle it immediately, but it is good in the replay

If it happens during the landing and you really want to avoid it, you may just GA and come back for another approach. If you go far enough from the airport, it’ll disappear and when you come back, it may download the airport correctly.

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