Loading problem

I am having a loading problem with selecting the expert server, because when I select the expert server, it says “loading”, but the “airspace status” never shows up, so it’s hard for me to figure out what region has more users and who is controlling the tower, ground, approach, etc… anyone else have this problem?

Happens to me too, not the first time I’d say this is a known issue.

The same happens to me.
You can download “Infinite Tracker”. There you can see where are the users and if anyone is controlling or not ;)

Takes along time depending on server load

Same with me lol.

Known issue. Happens when Laura does Global Flights :)

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Am currently experienceing the same problem here.

Really? Has this been confirmed?


Go fly let’s see ;) `

Testing something else now, will try later :)


Happened to me too today

Yeah it always happens when you fly global with final waypoint as a non-region airport

Nice job Laura ;) I wondered what this was. I use LiveFlight to see active controllers when this happens.