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Hello, I am wondering if you need to download planes in order to see them on IF and if so does it make the sim lagyier (if that’s a word) as I am on 4glte. Im on the live server sitting at WMKK but I can only see a few of the planes.

I don’t think downloading the planes will help you see them. What matters is if you have a strong WiFi connection. 4G/LTE probably won’t cut it. Try again when you have a stronger WiFi connection :)

It makes in interesting when trying to get around other planes lol…im trying to do plane watching :(

In the settings menu under live, there’s an option to toggle the density of planes that you see on your screen ( I believe the options are low, medium, high, and very high) Choosing a higher setting will get you what you want, however it may slow the game down depending on what device you are using.

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To reinforce and conclude what had been said above, The main setting that dictates how many planes you see is the density count, the higher it is - the more planes you should see. To show you the aircraft, data needs to be downloaded, so theoretically having all the aircraft downloaded speeds up that process.

I have them all downloaded on a Samsung Note8, and have noticed a definite decrease in lag due to the system downloading aircraft data. If your device has the memory available, with the obvious extra to spare - I recommend you download as many as you’re willing to. Although sticking to the ones you like to fly and not having them all shouldn’t give you any issues either.

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Just to add to what you said:

Seeing planes in-game which aren’t downloaded downloads them automatically.

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