Loading passengers/fuel

I have a good idea. The plane load should start at 0. When you increase it, it takes time to load fuel and passengers and cargo. You have to wait at the gate not moving, until the time is passed everything you want to load is loaded. Similar to starting engine, you have to wait a while. But there will be a button that say if you want to load immediately, similar to starting engine.

Similar to this idea. You should see people moving in the cabin when you have loaded people on the plane.

Good idea! Will add realism, but the whole people part might crash your device if you have a heavy load.

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That’s exactly what he said in the topic, there will be a button called “load immediately” if you don’t have time, read the topic before you reply. :)

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This is an amazing idea, however I don’t have enough votes left. Would love to see this someday along with ground equipment and jetways!

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I apologize, I overlooked that. In this case, I believe this is feasible, but I’ll save a vote for something of more importance. Good idea!

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Very, very nice idea.


Unfortunately, I have used all my votes

I would vote for this - an additional feature would be to automatically fill up to the amount you’ve specified - like how we can automatically start engines.

@BennyBoy ^^^^^^^

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I clearly can’t read lmao

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Need this