Loading over 100%

Hello, IFC,

Recently, My flights have been loading more than 100%, even over 1200% sometimes!
I need help with this please.

Thank You!


Have you tried restarting your device and app?

Are you on a stable internet connection? What device are you using?

I have tried all of those. I am on a stable wifi on an Iphone 6S

Can you try switching networks or use a cellular network?

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It’s just giving you it’s best effort into loading! :D


Done. It still does it.

Hmm, have you tried resetting your wifi router?

How long does it take to go on to load to 100+?

It lasts forever. Literally it will jot stop loading. Ever

Do you have enough storage?

I have multiple times, sorry…

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I will check, good idea.

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So it only stops if you close the app?

I have 7 GB available out of 16.


Note: this loading thing only occurs on the TBM, CRJ and A350.

Oh, there is a new update! Are you on the newest version of IF? (19.4.1)

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I will check!

I am on the newest version.

I’ve never seen this, ever… @schyllberg got an answer?

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Hmm, I would re-install as it seems that you’ve tried almost everything.

Does it happen on all aircraft and airports?

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