Loading in issues with scenery issues

I was doing a flight from MKE-HOU today. I stopped the flight after the scenery didn’t load in. (Note i did 2 other flights from DTW-BWI and BWI-MKE. I never went off the app). I looked on the community to see if there was a known issue. I saw the new scenery update, but I don’t believe it effected this. I cleared cache, restarted IF, and kept on repeating it. Now the game just won’t load! Is this a known issue or is something wrong? Thanks.


What do you mean by “doesn’t load”? Is it stuck on the loading screen?

What you can do:

  • Try spawning at another airport in another aircraft.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight.
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Yes! It just stays at the loading screen, no matter what airport.

Read this part. He has already done it.

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I already did this. Thanks though

Then try out the other solutions and report back.

Do @Starley’s solutions in order (Restart Device and if that doesnt work… Then Reinstall)
^ I just dont want you to loose your logbook for nothing if it can be solved with a nice device restart…

I would also try the following after you do what Starley recommended:

  • Make sure you are not on a VPN network or anything of that sort

  • Switch from Wifi to Cellular and/or vice versa

I restarted and it worked! Thanks